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    Our classic Winged High-Back Armchair with exposed hardwood leg detail. A very popular look. Wide flaired out wings with brass studs makes the Merseyside irresistible.

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    Queen Anne

    The Queen Mary has a less flamboyant look but still demands the attention in a room. The Queen Mary has all the features of the classic Merseyside but with a more low profile wings.

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    Queen Mary

    This style takes its look from the fine English furniture of the early 18th century. One of our most popular models with overseas clients who are looking to create that quintessential English look.

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    The Hammerhead takes its named from the seat cushion being shaped like the “hammerhead shark”. The Hammerhead gives you that extra comfortness while maintaining the classy traditional wing chair.

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    Easy Chair

    An accent chair can infuse much-needed warmth into your powder room, which can feel cold due to tile and metal surfaces dominating the space. Bring a touch of spa-like luxury with this button-tufted design, perfect as a vanity stool or a plush option to set next to the tub.

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