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IPI helps sort out the good actors from the bad, improving the customer experience while keeping vital security systems safe and efficient. Read this white paper to learn about the value of good decisioning data and how not all data is created equal.

Unfortunately, buyers often come up against various barriers whilst trying to finalize their online purchase. One third of online buyers shop from a retailer in another EU member state. They order products online not only in their home countries, but also shop online across borders.

  • We explain how to bypass online censorship and access region-locked services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer from anywhere using a Virtual Private Network .
  • This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re up to no good; some countries just have different values, leading them to block things like gambling, dating, and social media sites.
  • Another situation in which you may encounter geo-blocking is when trying to access content that’s restricted, banned, or against the law in your current location.
  • Sometimes, it isn’t even the website you’re trying to access that blocks the connection, it’s the government.
  • This is because streaming services usually only have the rights to show their content in specific countries.

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Natalia helps with content publication and reviews about the latest trends. They legally buy and use corporate surveillance software, such as Spytech, WorkExaminer, etc. With the help of this software, they carry out real-time monitoring employees’ work and address each staff member if necessary.

Far too often online buyers experienced some form of restriction. According to a study by the European Commission, in only 37% of cases were shoppers able to complete a purchase from another EU country and buy the products they were after. It is also possible that your means of payment, e.g. credit cards, won’t be accepted at the checkout of a different EU country.

review their online payment mechanisms to determine if differential treatment is being imposed. In the event that the UK leaves the EU, the Regulation will cease to have effect in the UK. However the withdrawal agreement is likely to ensure that the Regulation will apply . Nevertheless, the extra-territorial effect will mean that a UK trader trading in the EU would still have to adhere to the Regulation and must not discriminate between different EU member state customers. It is therefore still a crucial consideration for cross-border traders with an online presence.

Country redirect is one of the barriers preventing shoppers from choosing their preferred online store. Shopping from Belgium, you find the product of your interest on a French website. You see the country redirect “You are being redirected to the Belgian page of this website”. Geo-blocking has to do with any restrictions imposed by online stores based on nationality, place of residence, establishment or place of connection.

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On 6 February MEPs agreed on a regulation to end geo-blocking and country redirects in the EU. 3 December is the date on which the new rules against unjustified geo-blocking become reality. Our Security Operations Center is ready to mitigate your attack and restore service to your site. IP Intelligence provides granular IP decisioning and Internet connectivity data, answering who, what, where, when and why consumers are connecting to your site.

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An automated cross-border sales solution can change the future of your online business quickly and easily. It expanded internationally at an impressive rate within a short period of time. The destiny of many EU online retailers may not be necessarily written in the stars, but more in EU laws. It’s just getting simpler and more profitable to sell across the EU. The end of geo-blocking will benefit EU consumers in many situations.

For example, German customers will be able to shop online in any other EU member state vpn that works with netflix, without any extra fees or without being rerouted to a different site. The EU Parliament wants both online and offline buyers to benefit from an integrated single market.

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