In a world which has become accustomed to throw away items, buying investment pieces such as a Chesterfield sofa is now highly important with many clients talking of owning pieces for the rest of their lives, to be passed down through the generations. Each piece is crafted to ensure the value will remain strong. From the fillings and crafting methods to the woods, leathers and fabrics with their endless palette of colors, the experience of a Chesterfield has no limits and it is this craftsmanship that makes the piece so iconic.
 The demand over the past 10 years has leaned increasingly towards the CHESTERFIELD design with clients wanting to personalized pieces in their own way, whether that be through color or material. The other key driver is the fact that clients like to understand exactly how their piece will be crafted with full transparency throughout the process. These pieces have a very strong intrinsic value and in many instances, values continue to rise as original Chesterfields become scarcer.
Although a distinctly classic British made piece, it is not just the British that Chesterfield’s appeals to. Approximately 46% of everything ROYALE CHESTERFIELD make is exported and bought by international buyers. They really understand the importance of having the pieces well-crafted. It’s very difficult to find exceptional craftsmen and women so for us, the key to our future is internal investment in our apprentices.
 There is no set interior style that is made for a Chesterfield aiding in its appeal as an iconic piece. I think that the most interesting homes are a combination of styles and periods; an eclectic mix where Eames sits neatly alongside a hand dyed leather Chesterfield, punctuating the clean lines can create a stunning space. The most interesting rooms are the most inviting to spend time in and a mix of styles and iconic pieces is key to good design.
What makes an item such as a Chesterfield so iconic is that it is probably the single most popular style of furniture the world over and the term “Chesterfield” merely denotes the style. Its straight arms and straight back can’t be simpler, yet the use of buttoning brings a very strong and striking style.